Sunday, January 5, 2014

For more photos from my Seoul Trippin'

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Korea Trippin' PT. 3

That morning/afternoon we did all the shopping we could after roaming around the places in Seoul and went back to the places we noted that we wanted to shop in. I went for broke on this trip, guys. I really did.

It's really hard to decide on what item to buy if you are on a tight budget. Also if there are a gazillion cute things you want to purchase in just one building. It was really a challenge and you really have to decide which ONE YOU WANT THE MOST AND WHICH ONE YOU HAVE TO LEAVE BEHIND huhuhuh.

We were waiting for our stamps to be done so we decided to grab a snack first. Kimchi pancaakeesss. MY BRO IS NOT A FAN. Lol, dunno why he hates it.

Flea market in Hongdae. Lots of artists all in one park. They were pretty much into supporting artists who make your portraits in a few minutes in their own styles. Lots of creative vibes happening in this area really. I tried to take some photos of the crafts that artists were selling here but they didn't want to get their items pictured so nvmmmm.

We were in a hurry to be able to purchase lotsa stuff for our pasalubongs to our loved ones since it's customary to have gifts if you travel so it was really crunch time for shopping. 

After all that travelling we had lunch in Myeungdong where this very yummy chicken galbi was served.

We were really tired and hungry that we were able to finish the whole thing! Bro loved iiiitttt.

Namsan Tower from Myeungdong! That's our last night in Korea guyyysss. Huhuh.

The next morning, my bro bought some products for himself and we ate brunch~

Naengmyun!!!! As much as I love Jessica's Naengmyun song (cold noodles), I'm not really a fan of this one. Ughhh...

They claimed to be best at what they do but we ended up getting disappointed. Their noodles were meehhhh.. after buying pasalubongs and me literally broke we decided to wrap up our travels in Seoul and head to Incheon Airport.

Best airport in the wooorrllldddd, what upppp? I think they're the best because of the practicality of the airport. The service was really nice as well. Down here is OUR LAST LEGIT KOREAN DINNER... :< creyz

We were really thankful for everything and how we survived the trip and how we were able to do it all on our own. Do note that this was my first trip ever without parental guidance~ and my first trip EVAR to plan on my own (sorta). I was really thankful that everything went well and that nothing bad happened to us. Realized that there are a LOT of things I still need to see from the world and I now know what my cousin meant when she told me she wants to travel to a different country at least once a year. 

Getting to visit unfamiliar territory is really an eye-opener. I love seeing one country's culture and trying to immerse ourselves in it and learning their ways. Randomly meeting nice people (and sometimes rude) along the way is all part of the journey and appreciating the world for what it is. I learned that not everything is easy, everything has to be accounted for and that travelling isn't just going to one place and enjoying the "shopping malls". I also realized that it's a good thing to be proud of your country (lelz, you know how pinoys are) because Koreans are really proud of theirs. If you're proud of what you are and where you came from, good vibes will just go your way, you know?

I know this is a pretty damn late post but I've really been busy these days. A lot has happened this 2013 and now that this post reached the New Year's. Lol. I REALLY NEED TO POST THIS UP and do the obligatory New Year's post too! =)) 

PS. If given a chance to go back to Korea. I would definitely grab it (given that I can pay for all of my expenses). I know there are still loads of places I have to visit and discover in Korea, there's still a lot to get lost into and unearth. Hehehee. Koreaaaa FIGHTING! :>
That was necessary haha.

PPS. I still have some photos from my film cameras that needs processing. I hope I get to find the time and money to get them all processed so I can post them soon too! KOREA I REALLY DO MISS YOU! I WILL COME BACK FOR YOU.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Korea Trippin' PT. 2

Hi, I'm back. So here's the continuation of where I last left off. 

Hongik University, everyone!

This is a line in Hongdae. We think it's a club that recently opened.

Annddd next daaay!

Traainn station.

Obligatory peace sign photo op.

We were looking for another palace called the Changdeokgung Palace. We got to Seoul's Hospital thingamajig. We thought we were lost so we asked a few folks around till we found the place. Again, a LOT of walking was involved since the place was huge.

And tadaaaa! Here it issss~

We're tired guise. It was really sunny pa that day.

Selca TIMEEE!!! 
Selca is the Korean term for "Selfie" which I think is sooo much better (and no, I am not being a bias here). 
Selca is a short term for "Self-Capture"/ self-portrait. Don't you think it's much cooler better?

Ops, time to change my film~

Two folks were kind enough to offer their help when they saw us taking pictures of one another. Awww, what kind people. Honestly, I thought they would just pass by us but they offered to take our photo for us and we were happy to oblige.  

Then we were off to Gyeungbokgung Palace which was their biggest (I believe) and the most popular palace based on the crowd that we saw.

Notice how their streets are so huge. Haha.

We went inside the museum first and saw these...

That rock/marble actually has letters/symbols all over it and that's just a replica. That rock is taller than I am. The writings ar insanely small, it's pretty amazing.

 Then when we got out of the museum... this is what we saw:

It was a reenactment of some sort and the changing of guards ceremony or something. We got there really late so we kinda reached the latter part of the ceremony lang.

Ohohoh, and then at the corner of the Palace near the entrance gate you will see a small "cottage" of sorts and they let you try the old school uniforms FOR FREE. Uhm, so I have this rule that I try to NOT say No to  free stuff and my bro is such a typical tourist so he really wanted to try I said yes. Hahahahhahaha...


The outfit was really easy to wear and there are people tasked to put the clothes on for you. You basically just stand there like a queen and they just clothe you LOL. They were done in a few seconds, I guess they were so used to their job that they could dress you up with their eyes closed.

Homiesss fo lyf~~

The palace guards are gwapo hahahaha

Omg, check out my gear guiseee.. I survived HK bringing these cameras everywhere but I couldn't here in Korea. By about the 3rd day, I left my rangefinder in the hotel.

I found Insadong really cool. Especially this block down here:

You go up the ramp and it just goes up and up and up. Very cool idea for a building. You also have a chance to view all of the shops they offer that way. Lots of cool souvenirs can be bought here and Insadong is pretty much known for it's specialty in arts & crafts. Lots of handmade products are sold here and also some Korean art galleries and old school items can be bought here as souvenirs.

The poop food! I could have loved eating that poop bread if it had no nuts inside and chocolate was used instead of red bean paste. But still, I finished it and the bread was cooked to perfection~~

In their metro.

After that we decided to go to Myeungdong and get a cab that could take us to Namsan Tower. The cab driver was nice hehehe except he wanted a tip from us but my bro said no hahaha. Ahjussi asked if he was my Oppa and I said yes. I am his Dongsaeg mehehehe, I like Korean termzzz.

*Ahjussi = old man/mister
Oppa = Girls use this to say to their older brother
Dongsaeng = younger sibling*

Girls also use Oppa in a cute way if they talk to their boyfriends, boys really like hearing that hahah. Is it weird to admit that I want to use this SOMEDAY TOO? :< Hahahhahahah

Namsan Towwerrrr!

Guys, seriously. I've tried every angle but I couldnt get the whole Namsan Tower in the frame. My bro was pissed at me hahhahaah I gave up and just bought a drink instead of taking his picture.

Check out all those locks!

Selca with the tower!

Koreans are very fond of couple-y things so they have Namsan Tower as one of their romantic places to visit with your lovaahhh. Recently, Tiffany of SNSD went here with Tom Hiddleston and they wrote on their padlocks and threw the keys away. Lol, I find it funny that they aired that part where they threw the keys because there are signs where they don't allow you to throw the keys anywhere because some animals might find it thinking that it's food and they might die. Anyways, video is right HERE if you wanna check it out~

Couple chairsss and couple padlock treessss...

My bro wants to put a padlock too with someone he loves...he pretending to be sad there in that picture. :)))

Couple wall thingggyyy.

We're on our way back down and we're off to go and see the Gundam Base which was pretty far we decided that it would be faster if we took a cab.


Gundam Base-uuuuuu!
Since my bro loves Gundam toys I decided to let him roam around the place as I sat next to some kids making their own Gundams haha.

I wanted to ride this one but the sales people were looking in our direction and I was shy. Took a picture of it instead.

I wanted to try them and see if they really worked. hahah


After that, we were kind of hungry and decided to have a late dinner at Lotte. Lotte is everywhere in Korea. Apparently, they started in Japan and then Korea, the owner being in Japan but of Korean descent. They're like the SM Megamall of Korea because...ya know, they've got it all for you HAHHAHAAH ohmehged shoot me now. Hahhahaha. Anyways, they also have Lotte World which is like their own Diseny World. Really amazing.

We were insanely tired and my feet were dying pero we had to keep on fighting kasi sayang ung days. We wanted to see a lot of Korea before it was time for us to leave, ya know, para sulit. We regrouped our thoughts about where we should go next and I suggested we go to Ehwa University where there were also shops there. My bro agreed and when we were on our way to the station we saw that there was a Gundam Expo. My bro found it awesome and I saw some cool character designs too.

Mehehee cute Gundam.

EHWA! Since EHWA is a women's University, the streets were more focused on beauty products as well which wasn't really my thing but luckily I hit the jackpot when I turned a corner and found EHWAs clothes area. WOOOOO! The place was awesome and the prices were affordable plus they were on Sale. I shopped as fast as I could because it was really late so I was not able to take photos of the area. I bought a bunch of clothes there and I want to come back. Hongdae and Ehwa are my favorites. I REALLY WANT TO COME BACK NEXT TIME.

Cat Cafe hehehe.

We decided to try the street foods there and I tried their fruit drinks and ice cream. My brother tried this beef thing. It was like kebab BUT REALLY REALLY SPICY SAUCE! Omg. The meat in this street food was really soft and juicy and yummy but it was REALLY REALLY SPICY that when the meat touched my tongue it kinda burned. LOL. It was that spicy. But also yummy so we were really torn. I finished 2 fruit shakes and had to buy a drink from ministop just so I could get over it's spiciness. Hahaha, I also shed a tear because of it.

After this, we decided to take the train station home~~